Online Ticket Sales Options: Widget, URL, and the Intellitix App

There are three different ways to put your tickets on sale before your event:

  1. By embedding the widget on your website
  2. Using a direct link to your widget
  3. Through the Intellitix App

Sales Channel Embed Code

You can directly embed the sales widget onto your event website (or any other website) using the embed code. You can create a dedicated page on your site where you will paste the html code, which will enable the sales widget to appear. The page can maintain your website’s branding while allowing customers to purchase tickets without the event widget link URL.

To get your Sales Channel Embed Code go to the Integrations page in your event, copy the entire code under the Sales Embed Code section shown below, then paste it into where you would like it on your existing web page.

Direct Widget URL

The direct widget URL is a link where ticket purchasers can buy tickets to your event. This acts as a sales page to sell the tickets you set up in Cloud. You can link to the widget on your website, social media networks, and in your event marketing materials. 

Your event link will be:

The Widget ID is found by going to your event’s integration section then scrolling down to the Sales Channel Embed Code section and use the 20-character ID in quotes after “div id=” (highlighted above).

Replace the section in this link that says WIDGETIDHERE with the Widget ID you obtained from the Sales Channel Embed Code section: 

Your event link will be:

For example, the event link for the above widget event ID is:

Intellitix App

If your event is set to Public in Cloud it will appear under Discover in the Intellitix App.

The Intellitix App is what ticket purchasers use to browse and buy tickets for CrowdBlink events and to access their tickets after purchase. Once someone purchases tickets they will be able to easily access them from their My Events tab. They can also manage their profile and payment methods at any time from the app.

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