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If you are using regions within your organization, please make sure that you are in the correct region that the event and the order are in before taking any actions on the order. Organization/Region can be set by clicking on the italic name on the very top right of the page.

How to view or download a guest’s PDF ticket

  1. In Cloud, click Customers from the left side menu.
  2. Within Customers, enter either the guest’s full name, email, or order id. Then choose the event they purchased tickets to from the drop-down and click Search.
  3. You will be presented with a list of orders that match your search criteria. Click View on the line that corresponds to the guest you are looking for.
  4. You will be taken to the guest’s account with a full list of all ticket and cashless orders they have made using this account. Click Manage next to the purchase you would like to view or download the PDF ticket for.

Resend a guest their tickets and receipt

If the customer’s email address is correct the tickets can be resent using the Resend Ticket PDF button.

  1. If they are still not receiving the email with their tickets and receipt they may need to add the Intellitix email dont-reply@crowdblink.com as an allowed sender. Below are some links to common email domain articles on updating these settings.
  2. If they are unable to receive the email from Intellitix you can also personally send them an email with the tickets attached by using the View Ticket button.

  1. A new browser tab will open with a PDF version of the ticket(s) from the order. You can view the tickets in this window or use the download and print buttons in the top right corner to take further action on the ticket(s).

How to help guests find their tickets and/or receipts

  1. First, have the guest check their spam folder and inbox by searching for an email from Intellitix Ticketing <dont-reply@crowdblink.com> to be sure the tickets are not there. 
  2. Then confirm that their order went through successfully by searching their full name, email, or order ID in Customers.

  1. Once you have located their order confirm there are no typos in their email address that would prevent them from receiving the email with their tickets and receipt.

If the guest’s email address is incorrect you will need to update their email address using the Update Email button. Once the email has been updated the guest will automatically resent their ticket and receipt.

Helping a guest whose tickets are not showing in their Intellitix App account

If a guest received their PDF tickets in their email, but the tickets are not showing in their Intellitix App, there are a few different ways to troubleshoot:

Refresh the event list

  1. Start by directing them to go to their My Events screen in the Intellitix App. Ask them to pull down on the screen so it refreshes their event list.
  2. If the event list still doesn’t show their tickets, move on to the next section to try troubleshooting their email address.

Matching the email addresses

If the guest used a different email during the time of their ticket purchase than the email used to create their Intellitix App account, the tickets will not appear in the app.

  1. Start by confirming that the email used to purchase the tickets matches the email used to create the Intellitix App account - this can be done by looking at the order in Customer Service tools.
If the email address that is listed in Customer Service tools… Then do this: The result should be:
Begins with a capital letter and is still listed as unverified…  Use the Update Email button to change it to the correct email with all lowercase letters The box next to the email should change to Verified if the emails match. This will resend the tickets to the guest and will allow them to see the tickets in their app. (Make sure to pull down on the My Events screen to refresh.)
Has all lowercase letters already and is still listed as unverified…

Have the guest confirm that the email address they used to make their Intellitix account is the same one listed on the order by tapping Profile then choosing Profile from the list that appears and read what is listed in the email section.

If this email address does not match what is in Customer Service tools, use the Update email button to change it to match the Intellitix account email. 

This should update the box to say verified, resend the tickets to them, and allow them to see the tickets in their app.

(Make sure to pull down on the My Events screen to refresh.)

Has the verified box next to it, but they are still not seeing the tickets in their app… Please contact Intellitix Support by submitting a request here.  


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