Configure Your Event's Tax Rate

If you are not charging tax separately from your orders, you may skip this step.

Configuring your event’s tax rate will charge tax on an order basis, if you would like to charge it on a ticket basis please configure this in your ticket’s fees.

  1. Log in to your Intellitix Cloud from then click Events from the options on the left side of the page.


2. From the event page, choose the event for which you want to configure the tax rate by clicking on the event’s name or clicking the three dots on the right side and clicking Edit.


3. Click Tax on the top menu.


4. Enter the Tax Rate Percentage in the box.

    • A “%” does not need to be entered, just the number value.  For example, for 13%, enter “13”.


5. Then click Save.

6. If you are ready to begin testing your ticket sales process or to get the link for the widget to enter on your website you can continue on to Integrations to connect your merchant account.


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