Create Your Event

In this article we will review: 

Create your Event

Once your organization has been created, you are ready to start creating events. 

  1. Begin by logging into Intellitix Cloud at and click Events on the left side of the page.

Ensure you are creating the event in your organization or appropriate region before you begin, as you cannot move already created events between your organization and regions or between different regions.

  1. Click Create Event. 
  2. On the form that appears you will see the top boxes are Event Details (left section) and Event Status (right section). The status is set to Draft by default. It is suggested that you keep it set to Draft until you are ready to make your event live on your website and Intellitix App. You will still be able to preview the ticket sales widget while in draft mode.

  • Public: Discoverable by anyone on Intellitix, our distribution partners, and search engines. This includes the Intellitix App.
  • Private: Accessible only by direct link.
  • Draft: Not accessible by anyone publicly, can only be viewed when logged into Cloud on the Sales Preview page under Integrations or by using the widget link.
  1. Start by filling out your Event Details in the top left section.

  • Enter your event’s name in the Event Title box on the top left. Max 55 characters.
  • Select your Event Type from the drop-down menu in the top right box (listed as Concert or Performance on the image).
  • Select your Venue Type from the drop-down (listed as Convention Center on the image).
  • Select the number of Unique Patrons per day you are expecting from the drop-down (this is the number of people you are expecting to attend per day).
  1. Then decide if you will be using Assigned Seating or not.


To enable assigned seating: check the box that says Enable assigned seating then continue to Step 6. If you check this box and save your event details you will not be able to undo this. You would need to create a new event to remove it.

To create without assigned seating: you can skip this section and move to Step 6. If you do not check this box and save your event you will not be able to add assigned seating to this event later. You would need to create a new event to add it.

If your event has both assigned seating and general admission tickets, you can create both ticket types in the same event by enabling Assigned seating.

  1. Then scroll to the Event Location section.
    • Enter Venue Name.
    • Enter Venue Address, City, State, Zip, and select the Country.


If the location you are adding is one that has been used before you can use the + button to search the venue and auto-fill the details.

  1. Then scroll to the Date and time section. 
    • Select the event’s Timezone from the drop-down menu.
    • Choose the event’s Start Date and End Date from the calendar that appears when you click their respective boxes.
    • Choose the event’s Start Time and End Time using the arrows that appear when you click their respective boxes.


The dates set in this section will appear on the PDF Ticket. If the Event Dates or Times change make sure to also update the Ticket Validity window to ensure your tickets are still able to enter the event.

  1. Once all information is entered, click Save & Continue from the top right corner.
  2. The button will change to “Validating” and then the page will refresh and all of the information you entered will be displayed. You can confirm this was saved because the title above the menu will change to your event’s name and the save button will change to “Save Changes.”
  3. When you are done entering the event details you will continue to the Event Page to set up how your event will appear in the Intellitix App.

Create your Event Page

Once you have created your event, you can add some details to customize how it shows up in the app. 

  1. From Cloud, click Event Page.
  2. Enter a short description about your event. This will appear in the About section of the app once you open the event. There is a character limit of 500
    • The image to the right is how the event description will show on the Intellitix App
  1. Scroll down and enter the Event/Brand Website.
  • Make sure to use the format https:// before the web URL.
  1. Now you are ready to add images. The Cover/Feature Image is displayed along with the event details once you open the event in the app. You can drag and drop your image directly into the dashed box or you can click inside the box to upload an image.
  • Recommended dimensions:
    1640 wide x 620 high
  • Max size: 2 mb

We recommend maintaining a similar aspect ratio to the recommended resolution. For example: 

380 * 0.75 = 285 and 900 * 0.75 = 675. 

An image with a resolution of 1230 x 465 will ensure great results as well.

  1. Once the information about your event is completed, you can begin adding tickets to your event. For more information on creating tickets, check out this help article
Once you have set up everything in the Event Page, you can see if it is to your liking by logging into the Intellitix App and selecting “Discover” on the bottom left.

Preparing To Go On Sale (Integrations)

This is the last step before publishing your event and must be completed in order for the event to go live and for tickets to go on sale. From here you can also see a preview of your ticket sales widget and make test purchases.

  1. Choose the event you want to manage by clicking on either its name from your list of events or the three blue dots on the right side of the page then clicking Edit.
  2. Click Integrations on the top menu. 
  3. Begin in the Merchant Account Configuration section. 
    • Select the Merchant Account from the drop-down menu. If nothing appears here it will need to be configured under Financials before you can proceed.
    • Select your Currency from the drop-down menu.
    • Click Save Changes.

  1. Then scroll down to the Sales Channel Preview section. Here you can preview what your ticket sales widget will look like by clicking Open Sales Channel Preview. You can go through the sales process to see what your ticket guests will see. Your tickets will only appear on the preview if your sales window is set to have tickets on sale. You may need to adjust your on-sale date to test, then put your sales date back to when you will actually go on sale after.

We recommend that you go through this process a few times to test how your event appears to ticket guests. In order to test the entire purchase process you will need to purchase a ticket to your event with a valid credit card. You can refund your order in Customers when you’re done testing.

Publish your Event

Once you have created your event, configured your ticket types, added your merchant account, and tested the purchase process, you are ready to publish your event.

  1. Any events not currently published will still say “Draft” in the status column.
  2. To enter the event you want to publish, click either the name of the event from the event list or the three blue dots from the right side and choose Edit.
  3. When you enter the event, click the Details option from the top menu if you are not already in that section, then use the Event Status section on the right side of the page to choose which status to change your event to.
  4. Once you have changed your status to public or private, click Save Changes.


Tickets will be displayed based on the ticket sales window in order of price with the highest price at the top and the lowest at the bottom.

  1. If you choose public you should now see your event live in the Intellitix App under Discover and on any embedded ticket sales widget pages.
  2. You have three different options for publishing your event.
    1. Sales Channel Embed Code - This will allow you to embed the sales widget directly into an existing web page. You can use this option if you'd like to keep your own branding on the ticketing page, or keep guests within your website when purchasing.

From the Integrations page in your event, copy the entire code under the Sales Embed Code section shown below, then paste it into where you would like it on your existing web page.

    1. Direct widget URL - this will allow you to link directly to the Intellitix ticketing page from any other page you would like.  

Your event link will be:

The Widget ID is found by going to your event’s integration section then scrolling down to the Sales Channel Embed Code section and use the 20-character ID in quotes after “div id=” (highlighted above).

Replace the section in this link that says WIDGETIDHERE with the Widget ID you obtained from the Sales Channel Embed Code section: 

Your event link will be:

For example, the event link for the above widget event ID is:

    1. Intellitix App - The Intellitix App is what ticket guests use to browse and buy tickets for Intellitix events and to access their tickets after purchase. Once someone purchases tickets they will be able to easily access them from their “My Events” tab. They can also manage their profile and payment methods at any time from the app.

Edit or Delete Events

You can edit, delete or cancel your event at any time by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the page or clicking the event name. 

Edit - will take you to the event’s page where you can make changes to the event settings already in place such as:

  • Change ticket prices: Use this if you want to edit the prices or fees of a current ticket type, but not add a new one.
  • Add new ticket type: Use this if you want to add a brand new ticket type either in addition to an existing ticket type (e.g. already have a GA ticket, want to add a VIP ticket) or to replace an existing ticket type (e.g. already have a pre-sale ticket, want to replace it with a general sale ticket) 
  • Edit ticket sales window, including turning sales on or off.
  • Change access zones

Cancel and Deleting your Event- Check out this article for more information on: 

  • How to take your event tickets off sale 
  • How to cancel your event 
  • How to delete your event
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