Replace a Wristband/Card in Control Panel

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If a guest's wristband/card is lost, stolen, or damaged, to receive a replacement credential, the guest must visit a Box Office at the event. When a wristband/card is replaced, the original credential will no longer work to enter the event or make purchases. 


Each event will have a unique replacement policy. It's important to confirm and communicate the necessary guest identification required for replacement, as well as any associated replacement fees.

The RFID credential that you intend to use for your replacement needs to be 

  1. Pre-scanned or imported in Control Panel
  2. Not attached to an order 

Replacement Steps 

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to complete a wristband/card replacement in Control Panel (CP): 

  1. Log into CP. Confirm that you are on the correct event and profile. 

  1. Search for the guest. You can search using the:
    1. Guest’s email address associated with their order 
    2. Guest’s name
    3. Guest's UID (if the guest no longer has their wristband/card this search may be difficult)

  1. Once the order has been pulled up, find and click on the UID of the wristband/card you need to replace under the Issued Credentials section.

  1. Once the pop-up box has opened for that issued credential click Replace.
  2. Select the reason why you have to replace the credential.
  3. Plan your cursor in the UID field and scan the new credential.
  4. Click Replace.

The old wristband/card will become invalidated and then the new credential will be attached to the guest’s profile. 

If you ever need to verify the day and time a replacement was made, navigate to the ticket details of the invalidated RFID credential in CP, click Show Logs, and you'll find a line item at the bottom of the logs indicating when the replacement took place. You can also view the logs of the new UID and this will show when the replacement occurred and who completed the replacement. 

Impact on Guest Support Tools in Intellitix Cloud and Intellitix Web 

In Intellitix Cloud, once a replacement is completed in CP, all of the guest’s transaction history will automatically update to be associated with the new UID. If you need to review the transactions linked to a specific wristband, you can easily do so by downloading the Cashless Orders Summary Report and filtering it by UID. For more information on Intellitix Cloud Guest Support Tools, visit this help article

Similar to transaction history, once a replacement is completed in CP, the details on the guest’s Event Balance page will reflect the updated UID.

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