Create a Top-up Location

If you're allowing guests to add funds to their Event Balance on-site during your RFID cashless event, you'll need to set up at least one Top-up location in your Intellitix Cloud event. 

Follow the below steps to learn how to create a Top-up location:  

  1. Log into Intellitix Cloud and click Events to go to the Events Page
  2. Choose the event from your events list by either clicking the event’s name or clicking the three dots to the right of the event and selecting Edit
  3. Click Cashless from the menu across the top of the page
  4. From the Cashless page, click the Add New Location button
  5. Name the Top-up location. The Top-up location's name will be populated in the Top-up report. It's important to create distinctive names for each Top-up location to facilitate accurate reconciliation. For more information on Intellitix Cloud’s Top-up report, visit this article


If you would like that Top-up station to have the ability to accept cash payments, check the Enable Cash Payments box. If you do not want this Top-up station to be able to accept cash payments, leave this box unchecked. 

If you enabled cash payment for your Top-up location, you will need to provide the 4-digit PIN to the Top-up operator. This PIN will need to be inputted before a cash Top-up can be completed.

  1. Top-up operators utilizing the Intellitix FOS App during the event must utilize the login QR code generated for each Top-up location. We suggest either printing out this QR code or having a virtual copy readily accessible.

On the right-hand side of a Top-up Location, you'll find a garbage can icon. If the Top-up Location hasn't been utilized, you can click the garbage can icon to delete it. However, if the Top-up Location has been used, deletion will be unavailable.

If you would like to learn how to complete an on-site Top-up, visit this article.

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