How to Create a Custom Admin Top-up

An Admin Top-up involves adding funds to a guest's RFID wristband/card from Intellitix Cloud's Guest Support Tools to be used at an event. As an event producer, you might find several reasons to Top-up funds on an RFID wristband or card, such as providing a perk for your entertainment, staff, or volunteers.


Admin Top-ups are non-refundable and can be added in increments of $100. Only Admin Intellitix users have the authority to perform Admin Top-ups; Support Intellitix Users do not have access to issue Admin Top-ups. 

By default, all Intellitix RFID events will have a default Admin Top-up created. However, from your event Cashless configuration page, you can add additional Admin Top-up types. Custom Admin Top-up types are tracked in your Top-up report and can assist with post-event reconciliation.

Follow the below steps to learn how to create an Admin Top-up type:  

  1. Log into Intellitix Cloud and click Events to go to the Events Page
  2. Choose the event from your events list by either clicking the event’s name or clicking the three dots to the right of the event and selecting Edit
  3. Click Cashless from the menu across the top of the page
  4. From the Cashless page, click the Add Custom Admin Top-up button
  5. Name the Admin Top-up. The Admin Top-up’s name will be populated in the Top-up report. It's important to create distinctive names for each Admin Top-up to facilitate accurate reconciliation. For more information on Intellitix Cloud’s Top-up report, visit this article

On the right-hand side of a Custom Admin Top-up, you'll find a garbage can icon. If the Custom Admin Top-up hasn't been used, you can click the garbage can icon to delete it. However, if the Custom Admin Top-up has been used, deletion will be unavailable.

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete an Admin Top-up from Guest Support tools, visit this help article.

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