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In this article, we will review, 

Logging In

1. Tap Login.

2. Tap the QR code icon, then scan the login QR code.

3. Enter your information, then tap Finish.



Selling on a Tablet Selling on a Mobile Device


1. The guest holds their wristband on the back of the POS device.

2. Tap the items you’d like to add to the cart.  If you’d like to remove an item, tap on the item in the cart on the right-hand side. 

3. Tap Next when the cart is built.

3. Turn the POS device to the guest and have them choose a tip amount.

4. Once the tipping method selection is complete, tap Proceed to Payment

4. Tap Continue.

5. The guest holds their wristband on the back of the POS device. 

5. Wait for the Order was Successful message. 


Insufficient Funds: The guest needs to either attach a payment method to their Intellitix Web account OR top-up their event balance.


Order was Unsuccessful: Send the guest to Cashless Customer Service so the transaction can be investigated.

If your POS device has more than two consecutive unsuccessful orders, please contact on-site support. 


To process a refund for a guest, please complete and submit a Product Refund Form. This form will be forwarded to Cashless Guest Services to finalize the refund transaction.

If there is an email address associated with the guest’s wristband, they will receive a confirmation email when the refund has been processed.

To access the refund form you can use this link:

Or text “REFUND” to +1 (424) 414-0403 


Include your vendor name and location and TEXT Intellitix at: +1 (424) 414-0403

For menu changes include the current menu item and what is changing or add/remove and the item info.

For technical support include vendor name, location, and a brief description of the issue.

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