On-site Top-up

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Top-up Overview

A Top-up is when a guest adds funds to their Event Balance. Those funds are then attached to the guest’s wristband/card and can be used at vending locations throughout the event. An on-site Top-up specifically refers to carrying out this action of adding funds to an Event Balance at the event itself.

As a Top-up operator, it's helpful to understand the event's Event Balance refund policy. Some events permit guests to submit a Refund Request form after the event to receive a refund of their remaining Event Balance, while others do not. If Event Balance refunds are available post-event, there is typically a fee associated with these refunds, which is determined by the event. For more information on how a guest can access and complete a Refund Request Form from their Intellitix Web account, visit this help article

Logging into a Top-up Location on the Intellitix FOS App

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to log into a Top-up location using Intellitix's FOS App. 

Using the Intellitix FOS App tap the Login button. Then, tap the QR Code icon and scan the Top-up location’s unique QR code. 

At least one Top-up location needs to be created in your Intellitix Cloud event before you can log into a Top-up location. For more information on how to create a Top-up location, visit this help article. 

Below is a quick clip on how to access the Top-up location’s QR Code from within your Intellitix Cloud account. 

We recommend having digital / printed copies of the Top-up location QR Codes handy during the event. 

Once you scan the Top-up location QR Code, the FOS user will be prompted to type their information. This information does get carried over to Intellitix Cloud reporting. Once the fields are filled in, tap Finish.
Cash Top-up Card Top-up

Cash Top-up

Cash Top-up Video 

Below is a video guide demonstrating how to complete an on-site Top-up using cash payment. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to complete an on-site Top-up using cash as the guest’s payment method. If you need assistance logging into a Top-up location, visit this section of the help article

1. Once you are logged into the FOS App, Tap the Start Top-up button. Because this event is only accepting cash as a payment method for Top-ups, you will not need to connect a card reader to your Top-up device. Tap continue.

2. Next, tap the guest's wristband/card on the back of the Top-up device.

3. Select one of the pre-set Top-up amounts or input a custom Top-up amount. You will see both the guest’s initial and after-top-up Event Balance. 

4. Select Cash as the payment method.

5. Each Top-up location you create in Intellitix Cloud, configured to accept cash, will be assigned a unique 4-digit cash code. This code is required during a cash Top-up for security reasons.

6. Tap the guest's wristband/card for a second time on the back of the Top-up device to complete the transaction. The transaction is not complete until your Top-up device updates to the green Top-up successful screen.

If the guest has created an Intellitix Web account, they will receive an emailed receipt and be able to access their Top-up transaction details from within their Intellitix Web account. 

Unsuccessful Top-up Troubleshooting

Below are a few troubleshooting steps if you encounter an unsuccessful transaction screen:

  1. Ensure your device is connected to a strong network.
  1. Retry the transaction.
  1. Log out and back into the Intellitix FOS App.
  1. If your device is connected to a network and you still can't complete a top-up using a credit card, check your merchant account to identify why the charge is being blocked. The guest may need to contact their bank to resolve the issue.


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