Ticketing Customer Service Tools Overview

The Customer Service Tools in Intellitix Cloud allow you to view guest orders and ticket details, and make changes to orders such as updating emails, refunding tickets or orders, and canceling orders.

In this article we will cover:

Searching for guests

If you are using regions within your organization, please make sure that you are in the correct region that the event and the order are in before taking any actions on the order. Organization/Region can be set by clicking on the italic name on the very top right of the page. 

  1. In Console, click Customers on the left side menu.
  2. Within Customers, enter either the guest’s full name, email or order id. Then choose the event they purchased tickets to from the drop-down and click Search.
  3. You will be presented with a list of guests that match your search criteria. Click View on the line that corresponds to the guest you are looking for.
  4. You will be taken to the guest’s account with a full list of all ticket and cashless orders they have made using this account. Click Manage next to the purchase you would like to view or manage.

Viewing an order

Order details

Here are some details of the corresponding sections numbered above.

  1. You can find guest information associated with the order in this section. Specifically, the name, email, verification status of the guest, and guest’s address. 
    • Verified means the guest has a verified Intellitix App account associated with this email address. Note: If the status shows as Verified, you will be unable to update the email address.
    • Unverified means the guest does NOT have a verified Intellitix App account associated with this email address.
  2. This section shows you the name of the event associated with the order, event ID, start date of the event, and total amount the guest paid for the items in the order, including taxes.
  3. This section shows the breakdown of items within the order. Generally, this includes the ticket types, the quantity of each ticket type, and subtotal. This subtotal includes promo code discounts and fees but does not include taxes.
  4. The status updates of the order are displayed in this section along with the timestamps of when each update occurred. For example, if a refund has taken place for this order, it will be displayed here. 
Order Level Statuses & Activities Definition
Reserved Product inventory has been reserved for the guest while they complete the transaction.
Expired Product inventory has been released back into inventory. The order has expired, most likely due to inactivity on the purchaser side.
Processing Payment Tokenized payment details are created and sent to the payment processor.
Confirming Payment An attempt has been made to charge payment. Awaiting success confirmation from payment processor
Paid Payment confirmed.
Refunding-items An attempt has been made to refund part of the order.
Refund-error An error has occurred and a refund could not be processed
Confirming-refund Checking with payment processor if the refund is confirmed
Item-refunded Part of the order has been successfully refunded.
Item-transfer-created A ticket has been created as a result of a transfer.
Item-transfer-canceled A ticket transfer is canceled.
Item-canceled A ticket has been canceled.
Item-invalidated A ticket has been invalidated.
  1. Ticket details section will give a breakdown of every ticket in the order with its ticket ID, ticket type, what status the ticket is in, and when it was last scanned. If the ticket has been scanned a Scan History button will appear in the Scan History column to view the ticket’s full history of where the ticket was scanned and when.

Ticket Details

Under the order details there is a box that lists each ticket on the order. Each line contains the following information:

Ticket ID - This is a unique ID assigned to each ticket generated in the Intellitix system. These IDs can be found in the Customer Service Tool, under the QR code on a PDF ticket, and are displayed in ticket details when a ticket is scanned for entry using the Intellitix FOS App. It can be used to identify if you are taking action on or using the correct ticket.

Ticket Type - Shows which ticket type it is. This name corresponds with the name that was configured in the event’s settings under Ticket Creation.

Ticket Status - Confirms what status each of the tickets are in. 

Ticket Details Statuses Definition
Valid Un-used Ticket is valid and has not been scanned valid at the event yet.
Valid Used Ticket is valid and has been scanned valid at the event.
Invalid Ticket is invalid and cannot be used.
Invalid:transferred Ticket is invalid because it has been transferred.
Invalid:canceled Ticket is invalid because it has been canceled.
Invalid:refunded  Ticket is invalid because it has been refunded.

Last Scan - Shows the location, date, and time of the last time the ticket was scanned. If the ticket has not been scanned yet this will say N/A.

Scan History - If the ticket has been scanned a Scan History button will appear here. By clicking the button you can view all of the times this ticket was scanned including the Access Area entered, Access Point scanned at, date and time of the scan, and the result of the scan. 


Taking action on an order

There are a variety of actions that can be taken on an order: 

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